DevOps For ASP.NET Developers Pt. 8 - Azure DevOps Integration with GitHub

With Azure DevOps, you have the option to use only the features you need. For instance you already have your own system for work item tracking or source control, you can still use those along with Azure Pipelines.

In this video, Abel and Jeremy walk us through the first class integration that Azure DevOps has with GitHub. You will learn how to connect your GitHub repo to Azure boards and also see how to create a new Azure Pipeline from the GitHub Marketplace

  • [01:35] - Linking Azure Boards to GitHub
  • [03:28] - Referencing a work item in a commit
  • [06:40] - Create a CI/CD pipeline from GitHub
  • [09:40] - Inspecting the YAML build definition


Useful Links


Start with Azure DevOps for Free: http://dev.azure.com

Create a Free Azure Account: https://aka.ms/c9-azurefree