DevOps For ASP.NET Developers Pt.6 - Release Pipelines

After your application has gone through a build and has been tested by QA, the next step is to deploy it. This may be as simple as copying your build artifact to a web server. This could also mean publishing your build to multiple targets such a server cluster or a mobile application marketplace. 

In part 6 of our series, Abel and Jeremy show us how to get our application builds deployed using Azure DevOps. They discuss incorporating approvals, creating custom gates, and even how to deploy your build behind your company firewall

  • [01:24] - Reviewing the release pipeline
  • [04:12] - Available pipeline tasks
  • [06:37] - Working with build artifacts
  • [10:28] - Incorporating database changes
  • [14:39] - Using automated approval gates
  • [15:57] - How the Azure DevOps teams uses gates
  • [18:30] - Creating custom gates using HTTP endpoints
  • [22:24] - Setting up parallel deployments in a pipeline
  • [23:50] - Deploying behind your company firewall

Episode 5 - Unit Testing

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