Exploring the Visual Studio Test Platform

 The Visual Studio Test platform is the engine that powers the testing capabilities in Visual Studio and also the .NET CLI. The platform provides an extensibility model for test frameworks (and language runtimes) to provide a common set  of operations such as filtering and test execution.

In this episode, Sarabjot Singh joins Kendra to give us a deep dive into the features and extensibility model that the VS Test Platform provides.

  • [01:29] - What are some of the benefits of software testing?
  • [03:30] - Stages in test execution
  • [07:03] - What's new in the Test Platform v2?
  • [10:15] - Running the Test Platform without Visual Studio
  • [11:19] - .NET Core testing in Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Azure Pipelines
  • [14:15] - Executing tests in parallel
  • [18:34] - Migrating to the new test configuration format
  • [20:46] - Diagnostics test crashes with blame
  • [22:24] - What are the extensibility points for the Test Platform?
  • [27:55] - Documentation and quarterly reports
  • [29:36] - Demystifying Test Platform v1 versus v2
  • [31:20] - Can other programming languages plug into the Test Platform?
  • [32:09] - Using blame in Azure Pipelines


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