Getting started with GraphQL and HotChocolate

Hot Chocolate is a GraphQL platform for that can help you build a GraphQL layer over your existing and new infrastructure.

In this episode, we're joined by the author of Hot Chocolate, Michael Staib, who shows us how we can start creating GraphQL based Web APIs with Hot Chocolate and some other delicious deserts.

  • [01:27] - What is GraphQL?
  • [04:50] - What's the story behind Hot Chocolate?
  • [05:48] - How does GraphQL compare to RESTful APIs?
  • [06:48] - Setting up a HotChocolate in ASP.NET Core (Demo)
  • [09:43] - Querying with Banana Cake Pop (Demo)
  • [12:00] - Querying relationships (Demo)
  • [21:03] - Where to learn more?


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