High performance IO with System.IO.Pipelines

System.IO.Pipelines was born from the work the .NET Core team was doing to make it easier to do high performance IO in .NET.

In this episode, Pavel Krymets (@pakrym) and David Fowler (@davidfowl) come on the show to give us an overview of how the Pipelines programming model works, as well as give show us a few demos on how to use the API.

  • [00:26] - What's the rationale being System.IO.Pipelines?
  • [02:10] - Performance comparison between Pipes and Streams
  • [04:17] - Concerns with working with Stream
  • [09:42] - Moving to Pipes
  • [13:45] - Client Server demo
  • [22:16] - How might Pipes work with C# 8 IAsyncEnumerable?
  • [26:04] - Reducing allocations
  • [28:46] - Getting started with Pipelines

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