Leveraging the Dependency Injection support in Azure Functions

.NET developers have been taking advantage of dependency injection (DI) to make their code easier to test and manage. The latest update to Azure Functions v2 now has support for registering services with DI.

In this episode, Fabio Cavalcante from the Azure Functions team joins us to showcase how this feature works.

  • [00:58] - Why is dependency injection so important for Azure Functions ?
  • [02:00] - What had to happen on the engineering side to enable this feature?
  • [03:10] - How to register services using the DI capabilities?
  • [06:22] - How do our functions consume these services?
  • [09:52] - What scenarios does this feature simplify?
  • [10:31] - How can we use HttpClientFactory in Functions?
  • [15:20] - How can we customize ILogger?
  • [19:00] - What other services are registered by default?
  • [20:32] - Is there support for scoped services?

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