Server-side Blazor in .NET Core 3.0

In this episode, Shayne Boyer sits down with Daniel Roth to get an understanding of what Blazor is and what benefits does it bring to the table for building web applications

  • [00:15] - What is Server-side Blazor (formerly know as Razor Components)?
  • [02:13] - Why would you want to use this for frontend development?
  • [05:42] - What are the differences between Blazor on the server and on the client?
  • [11:22] - What are the benefits of the blazer component model?
  • [13:22] - How would you choose between server-side and client-side blazor?
  • [16:17] - What security considerations should we have for Blazor apps?
  • [20:16] -  Would Blazor work with desktop frameworks like Electron?
  • [22:24] -  What does the roadmap look like?

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