Using External Configuration with Spring Cloud Config and Steeltoe

The Steeltoe project has solid support for enabling .NET applications to leverage centralized configuration in their architecture.

In this episode, Christos chats with David Dieruf and Dave Tillman from the Steeltoe team about some of the benefits of using centralized configuration and how to light up that capability with Steeltoe.

  • [02:00] - What does the Steeltoe project enable?
  • [04:35] - What are the benefits of centralized configuration?
  • [08:32] - Setting up a config server
  • [14:25] - Using the config server in ASP.NET Core
  • [25:39] - How can we secure these configuration values?
  • [27:30] - How we can ensure HA with the config server?
  • [29:46] - Deeper dive into the benefits 

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