Supporting Windows Forms and WPF in .NET Core 3

There is significant effort happening to add support for running desktop applications on .NET Core 3.0.

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Mike Harsh about some of the work being done and decisions being made to enable Windows Forms and WPF applications to run well on .NET Core 3.0 and beyond.

  • [04:20] - What was the motivation behind bring desktop workloads to .NET Core?
  • [10:42] - What was the biggest challenge with add support for desktop technologies?
  • [12:42] - How did the decision to open source Windows Forms and WPF come about?
  • [14:01] - How easy was it to open source Windows Forms and WPF?
  • [17:35] - What does the roadmap look like?
  • [20:45] - What does the future of Windows Forms look like?


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