Training Machine Learning models with ML.NET

ML.NET allows .NET developers to easily build and also consume machine learning models in their NET applications.

In this episode, Bri Achtman joins Rich to show off some really interesting scenarios that ML.NET and its family of tools enables. They talk about training models, AutoML, the ML.NET CLI, and even a Visual Studio Extension for training models!

  • [01:40] - What is ML .NET?
  • [05:19] - How can I load my data into ML .NET?
  • [06:55] - Sentiment analysis  model creation demo
  • [10:54] - Model training and consumption
  • [15:30] - Rich's ML validation test
  • [16:37] - Object detection demo
  • [18:53] - How are customers using ML .NET?
  • [22:21] - Using AutoML and the Model Builder extension for Visual Studio
  • [25:06] - Using AutoML with the ML .NET CLI

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