Updating the WinForms Designer for .NET Core 3.0

There are many benefits that .NET Core can bring to desktop applications. With .NET Core 3.0, support is being adding for building desktop application with WinForms and WPF.

In this episode, Jeremy is joined by Merrie McGaw and Dustin Campbell who share some interesting insights on the work that's going into getting the WinForms designer ready for .NET Core 3.

  • [01:16] - What are the benefits of Windows Forms on .NET Core? 
  • [05:44] - What did it take to update the Windows Forms designer
  • [07:54] - What was it like updating the codebase?
  • [13:48] - What were some of the biggest surprises?
  • [17:25] - Were there any positive side effects from updating the codebase?
  • [19:37] - Was there any surprising feedback from the community?
  • [20:10] - How have the control vendors responded?


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