What it's like to be an active .NET Developer

Since .NET Core and many of the tools for building .NET applications have been open sourced, community involvement in the ecosystem has increased tenfold.

In this episode, Avi Avni (@AviAvni3) joins Rich (@runfaster2000) to discuss his experience with contributing features to the CoreCLR and F# language code bases. He talks about what it's like to work with the various teams on GitHub and also the importance of mentorship.

  • [01:26] - What's it like working with the .NET community?
  • [04:12] - What do you need to know before contributing to the .NET open source code base?
  • [07:03] - Reviewing some of Avi's PRs for F# and the CoreCLR
  • [11:19] -  How to contribute a feature that spans multiple teams 

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