What's new in F#

F# is a functional programming language that runs on .NET. It has a great community behind it, and now comes included with .NET Core.

In this episode, Phillip Carter (@_cartermp) joins Rich (@runfaster2000) to talk about what is new for the F# language. Phillip talks about where F# fits in the family of .NET languages and how it compares to C#. He also gives us a demo of the tooling in Visual Studio, and talks to us about how to get started

  • [00:47] - Why would someone pick F#
  • [02:28] - How does F# compare to other families of languages
  • [03:40] - Is F# more of an academic language?
  • [04:44] - How approachable is F#
  • [05:50] - What's new in the Visual Studio tooling for F#?
  • [11:00] - What are F# type providers?
  • [23:53] - How do you get setup with F# in Visual Studio?


Check out these links below to learn more about the F# language.