Introducing Radius: A new open-source project for teams building cloud-native apps

with Aaron Crawfis, Ryan Nowak

Join Aaron Crawfis and Ryan Nowak from the Azure OSS Incubations team to learn about Radius (https://radapp.io), a new open-source application platform for teams building cloud-native applications. Radius makes it easy for developers and operators to define, deploy, and understand their applications and environments. Learn how to get up and running with Radius and deploy your first Radius Application with Recipes for local development, Azure, and AWS.


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:48 - Applications supported by Radius
  • 02:08 - Trying out Radius
  • 05:46 - Using connections in Radius
  • 08:17 - Setting up your cloud environment
  • 13:50 - Utilizing application graph in Radius
  • 15:21 - Additional resources
  • Visit learn more about Radius.