AMA with Charles Lamanna

At the #POWERfulDEVs Conference in July, we connected with Power Platform influencers, Cloud Advocates, and community members. Charles Lamanna closed the event to highlight his take on fusion dev teams, aka the next big thing for tech and businesses, and how you can use this concept to be an industry leader in your space. Now we have the opportunity to connect with Charles Lamanna, CVP at Microsoft, to discuss all things #PowerPlatform #lowcode #nocode. What questions do you have for him today?

Submit questions before the Ask Me Anything event on Dev.To (http://aka.ms/amacharleslamanna/questions) and Twitter using the hashtag #powerfuldevs. Then hear Charles' answers LIVE on August 25th at 8:55 AM PDT on #learntv. See you there!

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