Memory Compression in Windows 10 RTM

I had the privilege of spending some more time with the Windows 10 Kernel folks!! I love learning about the OS with the folks that actually work in it day in and day out. In this video Mehmet Iyigun spent some time discussing why the System process in Windows 10 is taking a bit more memory and why it's a good thing. A process taking more memory sounds like a bad thing - that is until I understood more about memory management, paging, and hard / soft page faults. Turns out that that the OS is doing some clever optimizations that allow your processes to trim some of the memory but not necessarily page it out to disk. Not only is the memory preserved in RAM, but it is also compressed - making hard page faults a more rare occurrence. The results should make for a snappier experience. The best part is that this feature is not an experimental feature: it has been available since the RTM bits of Windows 10 were released.