Microsoft Edge: Web dev tools, A11y, and PWAs

The new Microsoft Edge Chromium-based web browser has all sorts of exciting new tools to assist web developers, features to improve accessibility (A11y), and support for building progressive web apps (PWAs). Learn about it from a few members of the team who work on it in this episode of Tabs vs Spaces.

  • 00:00 Introductions: Chris Heilmann, Rachel Weil, Erica Draud
  • 00:35 Chris Heilmann: What's new with Microsoft Edge?
  • 04:55 Rachel Weil: What's new with Microsoft Edge developer tools?
  • 07:02 Rachel Weil Demo: Customizing the DevTools interface
  • 10:30 Rachel Weil Demo: Accessiblity features in DevTools
  • 11:59 Chris Heilmann Demo: Accessiblity features in DevTools
  • 15:46 Erica Draud: What's new with Progressive Web Apps?
  • 18:45 Erica Draud Demo: How to make a PWA and use the tools
  • 22:37 Tabs vs Spaces? (Everyone)
  • 26:00 Where can I learn more?

Microsoft Edge