MSIX: Package desktop apps for Windows 10. Replace outdated installers.

Tanaka Jimha tells us all about MSIX, the package format for installing Windows apps, including how to package your existing code with Visual Studio and how to deploy and distribute your app, via the web, the Microsoft Store, or an Enterprise distribution network.

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:51 - Benefits of packaging your app for distribution with MSIX?
  • 01:57 - Will MSIX reliably install and uninstall my app?
  • 02:56 - What new features will I be able to use if I convert to MSIX?
  • 03:56 - Demo: Use Visual Studio to package the example 'HeadTrax' app with MSIX
  • 15:55 - How can I distribute my app once it's packaged with MSIX?
  • 16:41 - Where can I learn more about MSIX?
  • 17:27 - Tabs or spaces??