Windows Dev Tools: WSL, Terminal, Package Manager, and more

Windows 10 provides a variety of tools to support developers in setting up their ideal coding environment. In this episode, we will hear from some of the PMs who support these tools about the latest updates and improvements.

  • 00:00 - Matt Wojo: Intro and invitation to share feedback and ideas for future episodes
  • 01:14 - Kayla Cinnamon: What's new with Windows Terminal?
  • 04:41 - Demitrius Nelon: What's Windows Package Manager? (WinGet)
  • 08:23 - Clint Rutkas: What's new with PowerToys?
  • 11:08 - Avri Parker: What performance improvements can we expect for Windows?
  • 13:32 - Craig Loewen: What's new with Windows Subsystem for Linux? (WSL)
  • 16:09 - ALL: Tabs vs Spaces?
  • 18:42 - Matt Wojo: Where can I learn more?