Windows Package Manager: Winget v1.0

Windows Package Manager enables you to find and install apps with the winget command line tool, as well as a means of distributing apps and tools for publishers. Demitrius Nelon joins the show to tell us more.

  • 00:00 - Demitrius Nelon introduces us to Windows Package Manager
  • 00:21 - What is Windows Package Manager? Is it the same as winget?
  • 00:49 - How do I install winget and use it to find and install apps?
  • 03:52 - What are some of the more advanced winget commands I may want to know about?
  • 06:58 - How can I add my app or tool so that it's available to winget users?
  • 10:27 - How can I contribute? What's on your roadmap?
  • 14:25 - Where can I learn more?