WSL: Mount USB devices

You can now run Linux apps that use a graphic user interface (or GUI) on Windows using WSL. In this episode, Craig Loewen will explain what this means, what you can do with it, show us some demos, and tell us about a few additional new features for the Windows Subsystem for Linux. I'll also hit him with a list of rapid-fire questions that I've been wondering about.

  • 00:00 - Craig Loewen, PM for WSL, introduces us to WSLg
  • 00:40 - Linux GUI apps running on Windows?
  • 01:49 - What can I do with this?
  • 02:39 - Demo: Running Linux GUI apps with WSL
  • 05:50 - Demo: Audio Support
  • 06:55 - Demo: GPU Acceleration
  • 08:30 - How does this work? How is it architected?
  • 09:56 - What else is new for WSL? (--install, --mount)
  • 10:58 - Rapid-Fire Questions (Identifying Windows vs WSL, pinning Linux apps, compat with VirtualBox & VMWare, limiting RAM consumption, WSL + Git, WSL + Docker, Cut + Paste, Linux user space, file access, open-source WSLg, Mariner distro, updates)
  • 16:31 - Where can I learn more?