WSL2: Code faster on the Windows Subsystem for Linux!

Learn all about WSL2, the new version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux, and what changes have been made to improve performance.

Craig Loewen will show you how to get things installed and set up a Linux development workflow that is integrated with Windows and VS Code. Check out the faster IO performance and system call compatibility, then watch Craig run an app from inside a container using Docker Desktop for Windows and debug it using VS Code.

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:29 - So, what is WSL?
  • 03:10 - What apps can I run in WSL2?
  • 05:28 - Does WSL2 work with VS Code?
  • 08:20 - How do I install WSL2?
  • 10:13 - How is the system architecture different for WSL2?