Microsoft’s CTO of Services, Norm Judah Describes How the Future Truly is NOW!

Industry transformation and disruption are just some of the intriguing topics we cover in this special edition Taste of Premier episode. Join Lex Thomas as he welcomes back Microsoft CTO of Services Norm Judah to the show as he shares stories of how HoloLens will be an amazing game changer as well as how business and consumer experiences are going to rapidly change the way people think about interacting and productivity. Don’t miss this spirited edition which describes what the possible looks like-today!

  • [2:00] Is the Future already here? What's happening now?
  • [2:31] Let's talk about the Developer Kit for HoloLens? What can we do now with HoloLens?
  • [7:15] Will there ever be a time where I can get into a Chevy and have it turn into a Ferrari? :D
  • [8:10] How else is technology transforming our lives today? Let's talk about the automotive industry
  • [11:30] How do these advancements affect other areas --- like privacy and security?
  • [14:24] Let's talk about intelligent agents and machine learning. What are the implications here?
  • [26:02] How about the rise of IoT and the future of connected consumer devices like Wi-Fi coffee makers?
  • [39:18] So how do you see this affecting businesses and business models?

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