(Part 1) DevOps with Containers: How to Leverage Container virtualization technology for a Better DevOps Experience

Container virtualization technology and tools have enabled a variety of organizations, large or small, to accelerate their application delivery cycle. The traditional application development process is to write code, debug code in a local development environment, check-in code, and wait for the testing team to build and validate the code in a test environment.

With the container platform, developers can write code in a lean development environment, which can be just a text editor, easily bring up all necessary dependencies to debug the code in a container environment, check-in code, and get test results from a container-based DevOps infrastructure that automates the build and testing process. The entire process is streamlined for efficiency and productivity.

Join Lex Thomas and Razi Rais as they take us through an in-depth overview and demo rich session on DevOps with Containers.

  • [2:01] What is a Container and how can it benefit organizations?
  • [5:20] DEMO: Windows Containers 101- Basics and Overview
  • [9:33] DEMO: How to create a Container on Nano Server
  • [15:39] DEMO: Windows Server Core and Containers
  • [19:36] DEMO: How to containerize legacy ASP.NET 4.5 application
  • [43:48] DEMO: Running a container in Microsoft SQL Server Express

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