Your Private Network in the cloud: (Part 4) How to make your connections fast, reliable and private using Azure ExpressRoute

Azure ExpressRoute is a service that enables you to create private connections between Azure datacenters and infrastructure that’s on your premises or in a colocation environment. ExpressRoute connections don't go over the public Internet, and they offer more reliability, faster speeds, and lower latencies than typical Internet connections.

Join Lex Thomas and Ryan Berry as they give us an in-depth overview of ExpressRoute and learn how it can benefit your day-to-day operations.

  • [02:34] What are some different ways you can connect into Azure?
  • [09:25] What are some of the speeds that are available with ExpressRoute?
  • [11:45] What are some of the different ways you can connect using ExpressRoute?
  • [14:26] How can customers take advantage of peering within Azure ExpressRoute?
  • [19:31] Can VPN connections and ExpressRoute coexist?

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