Building smart supply chain forecasting with AI

Watch this episode with Ruth Yakubu @ruthieyakubu and Bhaskar Ballapragada @bsbhaskar on how ThroughPut INC's AI-platform enables operation managers to meet or beat business supply chain goals by pin-pointing bottlenecks & eliminating wastes to achieve end-to-end efficiencies.  This helps drive key decisions faster for optimum output and business performance along with a smooth flow of materials, processes, people and information.
An exceptional conversation with Bhaskar Ballapragada , CEO of ThroughPut Inc who have been inducted into the Forbes Business Council and Forbes Communications Council.  Their AI-driven solution enables companies to optimize their Operations by leveraging their existing Data Systems to increase Output, Quality and Profitability across their entire enterprise. In this session, we will discuss how the company has moved from traditional machine learning demand forecasting since the covid pandemic in supply chain to use AI techniques that are able to anticipate, predict and respond to immediate challenges and provide more accurate and faster forecasting to supply demands.

👩‍💻 Hands-on learning Resources:

Azure Anomaly Detector:  https://aka.ms/TEAnomalyDetector
Azure Machine Learning Services:  https://aka.ms/TEBuildMachineLearning
Azure ML Regression:  https://aka.ms/TEMLRegression

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