Optimizing Digital Twins using Machine Teaching & Reinforcement Learning

Watch this episode with @ruthieyakubu and Rajib Saha on how Parabase.ai enables enterprises to implement near real time business decision optimizations, single product view, supply chain optimization, and other use cases which are part of their Enterprise digital twin and industry 4.0 initiatives. Allowing organizations to virtually simulate the business (partial or overall) to perform various analysis or experiments across industries.

An exceptional conversation with Ruth Yakubu and Rajib Saha, CEO of Parabole.ai, on how the startup is a game-changer for digital twin implementations, with their AI platform that takes the concept of TWIN beyond a machine simulation to an overall enterprise business simulation.  In this episode, we will discuss how the company is using neural networks to create ontology from their datasets and reinforcement learning to generate advanced knowledge graphs to drastically increase in speed to market.

👩‍💻 Hands-on learning Resources:

Azure knowledge mining: https://aka.ms/TELearnKnowledgeMining
Azure Cognitive Search: https://aka.ms/TECognitiveSearch
Azure Digital Twin: https://aka.ms/TEBuildDigitalTwin

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