Where Does Serverless Fit in Cloud Native?

A critical characteristic of cloud native architectures it the ability to dynamically scale and support massive numbers of users, events, and requests on these distributed applications and teams. Serverless can help in handling these challenges without having to worry about infrastructure or even an entire application. Jeff jumps into the show production and chats with us on how this fits into the plan for cloud native apps.

[02:20] – What are the benefits?
[04:50] – Are there other challenges?
[07:43] – Jeff shows an awesome demo on scaling!
[11:45] – How do we think about serverless as a part of our solution first?
[14:20] – Running serverless in a container
[16:30] – Where is serverless going?
[20:30] – Tooling for Azure Functions and Logic Apps

Free Azure Account - https://aka.ms/cldntvshw/azure
Azure Functions - https://aka.ms/cldntvshw/functions
Azure Logic Apps - https://aka.ms/cldntvshw/logicapps
Azure Application Insights - https://aka.ms/cldntvshw/appinsights