Getting Started with Responsive Canvas Apps | The Low Code Revolution

with April Dunnam, Matt Harding

Using Responsive Design principles, you can create an App that works on any device and makes the most of the available screen space. Canvas Apps provide a few ways to manage different device sizes to add that extra layer of professionalism to your Apps. Join April Dunnam and Matt Harding, Technical Architect from Computacenter (United Kingdom), to learn why Responsive design is important for adoption of your app and how you can cope with building solutions for a variety of devices.


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 02:19 - What is responsive design?
  • 03:30 - Benefits of responsive design
  • 05:04 - Default behavior of Power Apps canvas apps
  • 06:50 - Demo: Enabling responsive design in Power Apps
  • 08:40 - Demo: Making your Power Apps responsive
  • 20:40 - Tips and Takeaways