Bring DevOps to Your Open Source Projects: Top 3 Tips for Maintainers

Baruch Sadogurksy (@jbaruch), Head of Developer Relations at JFrog, and Aaron (@arschles), Cloud Advocate at Microsoft and Project Athens Maintainer, talk about the art of DevOps for Open Source – balancing contributor needs with the core DevOps principles: people, process, and tools.

You'll learn how to future-proof your projects, avoid the dreaded "Bus Factor," and get Aaron and Baruch's advice for evaluating and selecting tools, soliciting contributor input and "voting," documenting processes, and so much more.  

[00:30] DevOps at the intersection of people, process and tools
[01:48] Tip #1: Making decisions for the project
[02:41] Tip #2: The importance of documentation
[04:10] Tip #3: Select open source cloud tooling and services


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