Getting Started with Cloud Native Infrastructure

Cloud native. What does it really mean? Why do you need it? How and where should you get started?

Justin Garrison, Cloud Native Infrastructure, co-author, and Bridget Kromhout cover the what, when, why, when, and how of cloud native, including what Justin's learned from studying massive organizations and CNCF projects.

We close it out with "Cloud Native Fundamentals: Kubernetes in 90 seconds" from AKS Program Manager, Ralph Squillace (@ralph_squillace).

From questions to ask, to where to find resources, you get the practical advice and technical guidance to focus on solving big (valuable) problems, not worrying where "X" runs.

Get started with Kubernetes - ACS Engine GitHub: aka.ms/ACS_Engine - AKS MS Docs, Quickstarts, and more: aka.ms/Explore_AKSDocs.  Check out "Cloud Native Infrastructure" to learn more: cnibook.info.

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