Giving Back: The Role of Ethics in Open Source and Online Communities

Technical and operational ethics are important, but they're only half of the equation: how do you put the community in open source, from mentoring others and encouraging members to network with others? Why does "giving back" matter? How do you find or become a mentor?

Stephanie Hurlburt (@sehurlburt) joins Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) to talk about the concept of lending privilege, going beyond quickly reviewing pull requests and clear documentation. You'll hear how (and why) they've built large networks and use them for good, plus their advice for new and experienced developers and finding welcoming online support groups.

They'll share their stories, from helping junior devs find roles to running free programs, giving you guidance about where to look for roles, how to find and become a mentor, networking do's and don'ts, and more. 

  • [1:11] Lending privilege and giving back
  • [2:12] Making yourself visible - pro tips
  • [4:06] Banning negativity
  • [5:38] Building your virtual support network

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