The Maker Show: Episode 1 - Intro to Electronics

In this episode of the maker show, David Crook will do an introduction into electronics and how they work. This episode focuses on many of the fundamentals of the very thing that drives most of our projects, electricity. How to generate more power, how to ensure you don't blow your circuits, why electricity flows where it does. And of course introducing a good philosophy of when life gives you lemons, to make electricity.

[00:00] - Introduction
[00:29] - Lemons in Series and Parallel
[08:30] - Breadboards and Complete Circuits
[12:02] - Buttons
[13:13] - Ohm's Law
[16:58] - Path of Least Resistance
[19:30] - Variable Resistance and Pressure Sensors
[20:47] - Directional Diodes
[22:00] - Closing Remarks

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