Entity Framework Core Part 3

In this episode, Robert is joined by Phil Japikse for part 3 of a 5 part series on Entity Framework Core. Aimed at folks new to EF Core, Phil shows how to start with an existing SQL Server database, create entities/objects for each table and then how to perform basic CRUD operations on the data. 

This episode covers querying data using EF Core. We discuss the basics of Where clauses, retrieving single items or lists of items, as well as when queries actually execute.

Find the sample code here

Learn more about Entity Framework core here


Episode list:

  • Part 1: Working with Existing Databases. We scaffold the DbContext and the Entities from the Northwind Database, discuss navigation properties and relationships.
  • Part 2: Change Tracking. Change Tracking is one of the most compelling reasons to use an object-relational-mapper (ORM) like EF Core. In this episode we discuss how the change tracker works, see it in action, as well as load data outside of the change tracker.
  • Part 3: Basic Queries (this episode). 
  • Part 4: Querying Related Data and Using Projections. Querying related data is simple in EF Core. In this episode we demonstrate creating joins in our LINQ queries with Include and ThenInclude. We also discuss how you use projections to shape the queried data into other objects, anonymous or strongly typed.
  • Part 5: Putting the CUD into CRUD. Wrapping up our starter series on EF Core, this episode covers adding, updating, and deleting data.