Hot Extensions

In this episode, Robert is joined by Justin Clareburt, who shows us several Visual Studio extensions that he has written, including:

  • Hot Commands [01:40], a collection of commands and shortcuts for enhanced productivity in Visual Studio IDE.
  • Hot Settings [14:55], menus and toolbars that expose Visual Studio settings
  • Hot Windows [22:40], which provides a menu button in the status bar with access to popular tool windows and window layout features.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Manager [27:50], which provides tools to help import and export keyboard shortcuts. Save, Load, Reset keyboard shortcuts. Scans for keyboard shortcuts provided by other extensions.
  • Hot Keys [32:25], which installs alternative keyboard mapping schemes to work with Visual Studio.
  • Hot Source [32:55], which provides easy access to common source control actions. Includes menu items to Commit, Push, Pull, View File history / Repo history, New Branch, Blame (Annotate), and more.
  • Hot Tips [38:35] a Tip of the Day provider for Visual Studio. See useful tips and handy shortcuts that help you be more productive in Visual Studio.
  • SublimeVS [40:25], which provides some Sublime Text features in Visual Studio

Justin also shows Whack Whack Terminal [39:00], which is a terminal emulator for Visual Studio. Allows you to run command prompt, powershell, WSL bash. All including interactive mode.

Find all of Justin's extensions in the Visual Studio Marketplace