Web-Wednesday: Use containers to streamline your dev process with Burke Holland

with Christopher Harrison, Burke Holland

"Works on my machine". If you're a developer, you've almost certainly said those words in your life.

Environments are still one of the hardest things to setup and manage.

Fortunately, containers can help streamline your process and increase your flexibility.

In this stream, we'll take an in-depth look at how VS Code and GitHub are solving this problem and the myriad of ways that you can access, edit and run your code - even if you only have a tablet.

[00:00] Intro

[01:06] What are containers:

[06:16] Can you run containers on Windows?

[09:01] Opening GitHub repositories from VS Code

[12:20] Clone a repository from VS Code

[12:50] Why would I use a container for development?

[16:07] Creating a container with VS Code

[24:25] How do you modify files inside a container?

[26:24] Comparing containers with Python virtual environments

[29:52] The Debugging a Live Demo portion of the show

[38:00] We meant to do that

[39:30] Using GitHub.dev

[41:05] Using Codespaces

[44:48] Live Share for collaboration

[47:10] Using vscode.dev

[49:22] Code Swing

[51:46] VS Code themes

Learn more!

Introduction to Docker containers: https://aka.ms/WebWeds/ContainersIntro

Build a containerized web application with Docker: https://aka.ms/WebWeds/ContainersBuildWebApp

Developing inside a Container: https://aka.ms/WebWeds/ContainerDev

Visual Studio