Fault Domain Awareness in WS2016 - Part 2: Using PowerShell

Rack outage? Storage Spaces Direct doesn't sweat it. Find out how.

Failover Clustering enables multiple servers to work together to provide high availability – or put another way, to provide node fault tolerance. But today's businesses demand ever-greater availability from their infrastructure. To achieve cloud-like uptime, even highly unlikely occurrences such as chassis failures, rack outages, or natural disasters must be protected against. In Windows Server 2016, we are excited to introduce Chassis, Rack, and Site fault tolerance.

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  1. Overview (3:24)
  2. Using PowerShell (3:40)
  3. Using XML (2:40)
  4. Location/Description (2:24)

You can find Fault Domains in Windows Server 2016 documentation on TechNet.