Trusted Application API (Public Preview)


The Trusted Application API was decommissioned on Nov 20, 2022.


The Trusted Application API is in Developer Preview and not licensed for production usage. As part of Microsoft’s intelligent communications vision, we’re building extensible communications capabilities into Teams. For more Teams Developer information, see

The Trusted Application API is a Rest API that enables developers to build Skype for Business Online back-end communications services for the cloud.

Built on the Skype for Business Online Platform, the Trusted Application API lets a developer build immersive, smart, and interactive communication experiences and trusted services.

The Trusted Application API is our vision of an extensible Skype for Business Online Cloud that meets your demand for powerful, back-end features. The API aims to provide developer opportunities similar to Skype for Business Server's Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA) the cloud. The API enables a cloud-first approach and additional powerful features that aren't available to on-premises Skype for Business Server customers through UCMA.

Key use cases for the Trusted Application API include:

  • Write SFB Online applications as service endpoints that don't need need a user context or identity. Common service endpoint scenarios include:

    • Meeting Management:
      • Schedule or manage on-demand meetings like a contact center application.
      • Create on demand meetings to handle customer calls and add customer service representatives to the meeting.
    • Attendant console:
      • Voice based call answering and routing bots.
    • Value Add solutions:
      • Business-to-consumer Remote Advisor functionality like Telehealth appointments or Banking consults
      • Recording
      • Compliance
    • Customer care:
      • Click-to-chat
      • Click-to-call

Other such applications include but are not limited to:

  • Bots and Notifications
  • Anonymous Customer Web Chat
  • PSTN audio conferencing (IVR to join the conference, in-meeting Personal Virtual Assistant, and in-meeting announcements)
  • Service-side meeting recording
  • Inbound/outbound IVRs
  • Helpdesk
  • Expert-finder
  • Customer engagement / Contact Center

To show the power of the Trusted Application API, it may also be used for the following high-privilege scenarios:

  • Back-to-backing calls to conceal the identities of customer service representative in a B2C call.
  • Invisibly monitor an online meeting and its roster while keeping full control over conference actions including:
    • Managing real-time media routes for silent monitoring
    • Coaching scenarios and broadcasting in a conference.
  • Pop or insert calls in a call pit.
  • Use large amounts of computation-intensive real time resources for Voice/Video playback, recording, speech synthesis or recognition.

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Additional Background for Developers

Learning how to use the Trusted Application API is simpler if you are familiar with RESTful programming concepts and real-time communications with Skype for Business. The following topics give you the information you need to get familiar with these API concepts.