Call admission control deployment: final checklist for Skype for Business Server

Final checklist for deploying Call Admission Control (CAC) in Skype for Business Server Enterprise Voice.

Use the following checklist to verify that you have completed all the necessary configuration tasks to deploy Call Admission Control (CAC).

  • If one or more Edge Servers are deployed, each external interface IP address must be added to the subnet list in the network configuration settings, with a bit mask of 32. You should also associate this subnet (IP address) with the network site ID for the geographic location where the A/V Edge service is deployed.


    Edge Servers are not required to implement CAC.

  • Make sure that CAC is enabled, as specified in Enable call admission control in Skype for Business Server.

  • Make sure that CAC is enabled in all central sites. This can be done through the Topology Builder. If a warning is generated when you publish, do not ignore it.

  • Make sure that all the subnets that are managed in the enterprise network are configured in the network configuration settings. It is also essential that every subnet be associated to a network site, as explained in Deploy network regions, sites and subnets in Skype for Business.

  • Make sure that the subnet or IP addresses of all Front End Servers, Survivable Branch Appliances (SBAs), Audio/Video Conferencing Servers (if in a separate pool), and Mediation Servers are configured in the network configuration settings.