Appendix D: ADO Samples in the Windows SDK

The Windows SDK contains several sample applications that demonstrate the use of ADO and RDS code. These samples are intended to help you learn how to use ADO and RDS, but are not intended to be deployed on production servers.


Companies, names, and data used in samples are fictitious unless otherwise noted.

To find the ADO samples, navigate to your Windows SDK root folder, such as C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0. Then navigate to the Samples\dataaccess\ADO subfolder.

To get started with the ADO and RDS sample applications, open default.htm from the ADO and RDS samples folders, respectively. These files describe each available sample application and explain how to configure and run the samples how to browse the sample source code.

The ADO documentation also contains code examples in multiple languages, which are included as topics within this online help. For more information about these examples, see ADO Code Examples.

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