Specifies whether the UpdateBatch method is followed by an implicit Resync method operation and if so, the scope of that operation.

Constant Value Description
adResyncAll 15 Invokes Resync with the combined value of all the other ADCPROP_UPDATERESYNC_ENUM members.
adResyncAutoIncrement 1 Default. Attempts to retrieve the new identity value for columns that are automatically incremented or generated by the data source, such as Microsoft Jet AutoNumber fields or Microsoft SQL Server Identity columns.
adResyncConflicts 2 Invokes Resync for all rows in which the update or delete operation failed because of a concurrency conflict.
adResyncInserts 8 Invokes Resync for all successfully inserted rows. However, AutoIncrement column values are not resynchronized. Instead, the contents of newly inserted rows are resynchronized based on the existing primary key value. If the primary key is an AutoIncrement value, Resync won't retrieve the contents of the intended row. For automatically incrementing AutoIncrement primary key values, call UpdateBatch with the combined value adResyncAutoIncrement + adResyncInserts.
adResyncNone 0 Does not invoke Resync.
adResyncUpdates 4 Invokes Resync for all successfully updated rows.

Applies To

Update Resync Property-Dynamic (ADO)