CursorLocation Property (ADO)

Indicates the location of the cursor service.

Settings And Return Values

Sets or returns a Long value that can be set to one of the CursorLocationEnum values.


This property allows you to choose between various cursor libraries accessible to the provider. Usually, you can choose between using a client-side cursor library or one that is located on the server.

This property setting affects connections established only after the property has been set. Changing the CursorLocation property has no effect on existing connections.

Cursors returned by the Execute method inherit this setting. Recordset objects will automatically inherit this setting from their associated connections.

This property is read/write on a Connection or a closed Recordset, and read-only on an open Recordset.


Remote Data Service Usage When used on a client-side Recordset or Connection object, the CursorLocation property can only be set to adUseClient.

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