LoadFromFile Method (ADO)

Loads the contents of an existing file into a Stream.




A String value that contains the name of a file to be loaded into the Stream. FileName can contain any valid path and name in UNC format. If the specified file does not exist, a run-time error occurs.


This method can be used to load the contents of a local file into a Stream object. This can be used to upload the contents of a local file to a server.

The Stream object must be already open before calling LoadFromFile. This method does not change the binding of the Stream object; it will still be bound to the object specified by the URL or Record with which the Stream was originally opened.

LoadFromFile overwrites the current contents of the Stream object with data read from the file. Any existing bytes in the Stream are overwritten by the contents of the file. Any previously existing and remaining bytes following the EOS created by LoadFromFile, are truncated.

After a call to LoadFromFile, the current position is set to the beginning of the Stream (Position is 0).

Because 2 bytes may be added to the beginning of the stream for encoding, the size of the stream may not exactly match the size of the file from which it was loaded.

Applies To

Stream Object (ADO)