Source Property (ADO Recordset)

Indicates the data source for a Recordset object.

Settings and Return Values

Sets a String value or Command object reference; returns only a String value that indicates the source of the Recordset.


Use the Source property to specify a data source for a Recordset object using one of the following: a Command object variable, an SQL statement, a stored procedure, or a table name.

If you set the Source property to a Command object, the ActiveConnection property of the Recordset object will inherit the value of the ActiveConnection property for the specified Command object. However, reading the Source property does not return a Command object; instead, it returns the CommandText property of the Command object to which you set the Source property.

If the Source property is an SQL statement, a stored procedure, or a table name, you can optimize performance by passing the appropriate Options argument with the Open method call.

The Source property is read/write for closed Recordset objects and read-only for open Recordset objects.

Applies To

Recordset Object (ADO)

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