Explore and manage Azure SQL resources with Azure Resource Explorer

In this document, you learn how you can explore and manage Azure SQL Server, Azure SQL database, and Azure SQL Managed Instance resources through Azure Resource Explorer in Azure Data Studio.


The Azure Resource Explorer is supported in SQL Server 2019. After that, you can install the extension through extension manager or through File > Install Package from VSIX Package.

Connect to Azure

After installing the SQL plugin, an Azure icon appears in the left menu bar. Click the icon to open Azure Resource Explorer. If you don't see the Azure icon, right click the left menu bar, and select Azure Resource Explorer.

Add an Azure account

To view the SQL resources associated with an Azure account, you must first add the account to Azure Data Studio.

  1. Open Linked Accounts dialog through the account management icon on the left bottom, or through Sign in to Azure... link in Azure Resource Explorer.

    Sign-in to Azure

  2. In the Linked Accounts dialog, click Add an account.

    Add an Azure account

  3. Click Copy and Open to open the browser for authentication.

    Open authentication page in browser

  4. Paste the User code in the web page and click Continue to authenticate.

    Authenticate in browser

  5. In Azure Data Studio you should now find the logged in Azure account in Linked Accounts dialog.

    Signed-in Azure account

Add more Azure accounts

Multiple Azure accounts are supported in Azure Data Studio. To add more Azure accounts, click the button on the right top of Linked Accounts dialog and follow the same steps with Add an Azure account section to add more Azure accounts.

Add more Azure account

Remove an Azure account

To remove an existing logged in Azure account:

  1. Open Linked Accounts dialog through the account management icon on the left bottom.

  2. Click the X button at the right of the Azure account to remove it.

    Remove Azure account

Filter subscription

Once logged in to an Azure account, all subscriptions associated with that Azure account display in Azure Resource Explorer. You can filter subscriptions for each Azure account.

  1. Click the Select Subscription button at right of the Azure account.

    Filter subscription

  2. Select the check boxes for the account subscriptions you want to browse and then click OK.

    Select subscription

Explore Azure SQL resources

To navigate an Azure SQL resource in Azure Resource Explorer, expand the Azure accounts and resource type group.

Azure Resource Explorer supports Azure SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance currently.

Connect to Azure SQL resources

Azure Resource Explorer provide quick access that helps you connect to SQL Servers and databases for query and management.

  1. Explore the SQL resource you would like to connect with from the tree view.

  2. Right click the resource and select Connect, you can also find the connect button at the right of the resource.

    Connect to Azure SQL resource

  3. In the opened Connection dialog, enter your password and click Connect.

    SQL connection dialog

  4. The Servers window automatically opens with the new connected SQL server/database after connection succeeds.

Next steps