Overview of the SqlClient driver

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The Microsoft SqlClient Data Provider for SQL Server is a .NET Framework and .NET Core data provider. It's used for connecting to a database, executing commands, and retrieving results.

The articles in this section provide a general overview of the SqlClient driver.

In this section

Article Description
Introduction to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient namespace Introduction page for the Microsoft.Data.SqlClient namespace.
Download Microsoft SqlClient Data Provider for SQL Server Download page for ADO.NET and Microsoft SqlClient Data Provider for SQL Server.
Enabling event tracing in SqlClient Describes how to use event tracing to debug and test the driver.
AppContext switches in SqlClient Describes the AppContext switches supported by the driver.
SqlClient troubleshooting guide Provides resolutions to commonly observed problems.
SqlClient driver support lifecycle Page that contains product support lifecycle information.
Finding additional SqlClient driver information Page that contains useful information about the driver.

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