IBCPSession (OLE DB)

Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure Synapse Analytics Analytics Platform System (PDW)

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The IBCPSession interface exposes support for SQL Server file-based bulk copy operations. The IBCPSession interface is exposed in the OLE DB Driver for SQL Server under the same level as Sessions. In the OLE DB Driver for SQL Server, data source objects are factories for Session objects, and bulk copy operations are specified in the connection property SSPROP_ENABLEBULKCOPY. In addition, the SSPROP_ENABLEFASTLOAD property should be set to true.

Calling the IDBCreateSession::CreateSession method will then result in the creation of a BulkCopySession object. All the file-based bulk copy methods exposed through the IBCPSession object are then callable with nearly similar signatures on this IBCPSession object's IBCPSession interface.


The OLE DB Driver for SQL Server supports memory-based bulk copy operations through the IRowsetFastLoad interface.

For more information about using the OLE DB Driver for SQL Server for bulk copy operations, see Performing Bulk Copy Operations.

For a sample showing how to use the IBCPSession interface, see IBCPSession::BCPDone (OLE DB).

In This Section

Method Description
IBCPSession::BCPColFmt (OLE DB) Creates a binding between program variables and SQL Server columns.
IBCPSession::BCPColumns (OLE DB) Sets the number of fields that are to be bound to the columns in a SQL Server table.
IBCPSession::BCPControl (OLE DB) Sets the options for a bulk copy operation.
IBCPSession::BCPDone (OLE DB) Commits the remaining rows to be sent to SQL Server.
IBCPSession::BCPExec (OLE DB) Performs the bulk copy operation.
IBCPSession::BCPInit (OLE DB) Initializes the bulk copy structure, performs some error checking, verifies that the data and format file names are correct, and then opens them.
IBCPSession::BCPReadFmt (OLE DB) Reads format information for each column from the format file.
IBCPSession::BCPWriteFmt (OLE DB) Writes format information for each column to the format file.

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