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When sending data to the server, the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server converts data from its PHP data type to a SQL Server data type if no SQL Server data type has been specified by the user. The table that follows lists the PHP data type (the data type being sent to the server) and the default SQL Server data type (the data type to which the data is converted). For details about how to specify data types when sending data to the server, see How to: Specify SQL Server Data Types When Using the SQLSRV Driver.

PHP Data Type Default SQL Server Type in the SQLSRV Driver Default SQL Server Type in the PDO_SQLSRV Driver
NULL varchar(1) not supported
Boolean bit bit
Integer int int
Float float(24) not supported
String (length less than 8000 bytes) varchar(<string length>) varchar(<string length>)
String (length greater than 8000 bytes) varchar(max) varchar(max)
Resource Not supported. Not supported.
Stream (encoding: not binary) varchar(max) varchar(max)
Stream (encoding: binary) varbinary varbinary
Array Not supported. Not supported.
Object Not supported. Not supported.
DateTime (1) datetime Not supported.

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