Step 1: Configure development environment for pymssql Python development

You need to configure your development environment with the prerequisites in order to develop an application using the pymssql Python driver for SQL Server.


This driver uses the TDS protocol, which is enabled by default in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. No extra configuration is required.


  • Python 3
    • If you don't already have Python, install the Python runtime and Python Package Index (PyPI) package manager from
    • Prefer to not use your own environment? Open as a devcontainer using GitHub Codespaces.
      • Open in GitHub Codespaces.

Install the pymssql package

Get the pymssql package from PyPI.

  1. Open a command prompt in an empty directory.

  2. Install the pymssql package.

    pip install pymssql

Check installed packages

You can use the PyPI command-line tool to verify that your intended packages are installed.

  1. Check the list of installed packages with pip list.

    pip list

Next steps