Create a Data Quality Project

Applies to: SQL Server

This topic describes how to create a data quality project by using Data Quality Client. A data quality project is used to run the cleansing or matching activity in Data Quality Services (DQS).

Before You Begin


You must have a relevant knowledge base to use in the data quality project for the cleansing or matching activity.



You must have the dqs_kb_editor or dqs_kb_operator role on the DQS_MAIN database to create a data quality project.

Create a Data Quality Project

  1. Start Data Quality Client. For information about doing so, see Run the Data Quality Client Application.

  2. In the Data Quality Client home screen, click New data quality project.

  3. In the New Data Quality Project screen:

    1. In the Name box, type a name for the new data quality project.

    2. (Optional) In the Description box, type a description for the new data quality project.

    3. In the Use Knowledge base list, click to select a knowledge base to be used for the data quality project. The Knowledge base details: <Knowledge_Base_Name> area on the right side displays the domain names available in the selected knowledge base.

    4. In the Select Activity area, click on an activity that you want to perform using this data quality project:

      • Cleansing: Select this activity to cleanse the source data.

      • Matching: Select this activity to perform matching. This activity is available only if the knowledge base selected for the data quality project contains a matching policy.

  4. Click Create to create a data quality project.

Follow Up: After Creating a Data Quality Project

After you create a data quality project, you are presented with a wizard that you use to perform the selected activity: cleansing or matching. For more information about the cleansing and matching activities, see Data Cleansing and Data Matching.